If I had to introduce myself briefly I would say that I am a photographer and a workshop instructor who has specialized in nature and landscape photography. But that would just convey the visible part of my personal iceberg, as you can see it now. Before I could show that present portrait of mine, many little drops of life have filled in a vase that is not yet totally full. I was born in The Netherlands and lived a big part of my adult life in Amsterdam. I studied Human Resource Management and Communication and I worked the last 6 years of my other professional career as a Communication Adviser for a Pharmaceutical Company.

Everything changed in 2007 when I decided to move to Auvergne, in France and focus on my passion, photography. To tick off some boxes, I’m not a technical person above all. I’m more interested in feelings and emotions. Photography is more than just a passion; it’s a way of living and the best way to express myself more creatively. I work with an eye for detail to give birth to intimate compositions so that people can also play a part when they look at it. Over the years I have carried out private commissions, photo assignments. You can also find my work in many magazines and other publications (books, websites) or in stock agencies like Naturimages and Nature in Stock. Parallel to this I am also collaborating with Nordic Vision Phototours.