Bas Meelker is a well-known Dutch landscape photographer. Born in Groningen, The Netherlands in 1972, Bas spent most of his life in the north of Holland. Living in this flat, open country, surrounded by some of the most beautiful nature reserves in the Netherlands, laid the foundation for his unbridled passion for nature and landscapes. Having a background in internet marketing and sales, as well as webdesign and development though, Bas was on his way to becoming a successful internet entrepreneur.

But in 2002 his career took an unexpected turn when he picked up his first camera. Through photography, Bas found a way of communicating about his nature and landscape passion and he quickly established himself as a successful nature- and landscape photographer.  Nowadays, Bas is widely recognized as being one of the top Dutch landscape- and nature photographers and is working as a full-time professional photographer.
His work is internationally famed for it’s dramatic impact, with a combination of intense colours and compositions. Among his clients are renowned brands like National geographic, Canon, Nomad as well as several conservation and advertising agencies. His work is regularly featured in books, magazines, newspapers and internet media. Bas has been interviewed by almost every Dutch nature – and photography magazine as well as several international media like the Canon Professional Services website.

During the last years Bas has also established himself as a speaker, workshop leader and writer. As a speaker, Bas gives regular presentations throughout the Netherlands and abroad, enticing his audiences with his inspirational images as well as his passion for the natural world. Bas is also a workshop leader and his national and international nature- and landscape photography workshops are highly recommended. In addition, Bas is also connected to Photography School in his home town Groningen where he teaches landscape photography for advanced photographers.

As a writer, in 2011 Bas has published his first book on landscape photography and is a regular contributor to national and international photography magazines. His articles have been published by leading magazines like National Geographic, Practical Photography, Camera Magazine and CanonOne Magazine. Bas is also an ambassador for Canon The Netherlands, a Canon large format print ambassador and a Lee Filters ambassador.

Visions and values

When I picked up my first camera, back in 2002, my world changed forever. Coming from a  fast-paced, money-driven world of commerce, all of a sudden I found myself in a world with a completely different set of rules. A world where quality comes before quantity. A world driven by the passing of the seasons, the flow of the tides and the rhythm of the light. It felt like I had found my voice. It felt like coming home.

Being a landscape and nature photographer means much more to me than just camera’s, lenses and landscapes. To me, it is a way of life. It is a part of me. It is who I am and who I always will be. This is the passion that drives my creative vision. Becoming a full time professional landscape and nature photographer was a dream coming true. I’m living that dream every day.

Through my photography I am opening a window, showing the beauty and grace of our natural world. My message is as simple as it is clear; this is how I see the world. This is what I feel. It is a glimpse into my soul. Through my landscape and nature photography I try to do my part in preserving what is right in this world. What should be cherished. Before it is lost forever.

To me, photography is an art form. It is more than freezing the moment. In my work, the world of photography and my world merge. Though I honour the classical approach to landscape photography, I realize my personal creative process can make a difference. Every image is a personal interpretation of reality. A window. Maybe, that window will let you see the world in a different way. I hope it’s a good way.