My work begins as an exploration and love of being present in the landscape. While walking and gathering sensory information, I also collect intuitively interesting pieces of wood and stone. Twisted knots in dead branches and tactile stones embedded with crystal or meandering veins. The nature of their textures and surfaces helps me to create the connection between visceral memory and my experience of the terrain. My primary inspiration comes from ancient and veteran trees. Their individual anthropomorphic qualities evoke feelings of empathy and the uncanny. They inspire my re-enchantment with, and a re-imagining of the landscape. I have a fascination for that which must always remain a mystery … the things that can only be imagined but can never be seen or proven. We can never know what has been witnessed in the lifespan of an ancient tree, they are the silent observers of humanity. Aged and decaying trees frequently appear almost dead, and it’s this ambiguity between life and death that intrigues me and appears to transcend mortality. They seem to exist outside normal constraints or human timescales and are steeped in mystery. They are the symbolic and romantic personalities of the forests and woodland. Being grounded in the discipline of drawing I identify with natural materials like charcoal that have a direct representative relationship with the subject through the process of physical transformation. The mulling of organic pigments from vines into inks seems a fitting and reverential way to re-describe these majestic forms.