Damian grew up in Central Scotland and was intrigued by the views and drama that surrounded his childhood home. “I spent a lot of time imagining what vistas and adventures lay beyond the hills, instilling a sense of wonder in the natural world”. Initially more at home with charcoal and oil paint, Damian began exploring the creative possibilities of photography in the mid-nineties. During a portfolio presentation course he became involved in darkroom processing and printing black-and-white film. This sparked the beginnings of a love affair with the medium which subsequently gained him acceptance to the Fine Art Photography department of Glasgow School of Art under landscape photographer Thomas Joshua Cooper.

“Just as a portrait photographer uses the position and nature of a light source to change the way we perceive a person’s character, I’m captivated by the way the sun moves over and across the land, describing different facets of a landscape’s personality. I’m interested in the relationships of light to shadow, what is revealed and what is hidden.”