Operating on a scale which is truly immersive David Anthony Hall (b.1969) captures landscape in exquisite detail which are reproduced on an architectural scale. In a career that has already spanned four decades, David has received wide critical acclaim for his work. He was first published in 1989 by MARCO (Hong Kong) in an article marking the 150th anniversary of photography and looking to the next generation. David’s images have been described as “providing soul for buildings” and have been exhibited all over the world. He has taken part in over forty international art fairs and his work is included in the private collections in over fourteen countries.

‘My images are observed from nature, particularly trees and woodland, giving an escape into the open without leaving the room. The prints are deliberately large, deriving impact from their sheer scale; they can be viewed up close – with each look revealing new details – while from afar they present vistas that entice the entire line of sight, a window through which to escape.

The effect of these images on medical environments is tremendous; they provide a brief moment of reflection, quieting the mind in what can be a stressful environment for all concerned, whether it be patients, visitors or staff. The NHS Forest scheme has brought a terrific amount of research to light regarding the benefits of seeing nature, particularly woodland, in medical environments: “trees have been found to enhance mood, improve self-esteem and lower blood pressure”. Nature has long been proven to encourage recovery, inspiring a positive frame of mind, but, what is more, it is a subject that provides a universal and subconscious appeal, perfect for medical environments.