Kuki Walsch, born 1959, is an autodidact photographer & photo artist since 2008, living and working in Vienna, Austria. She is present online in various photo communities & photo magazines. She also created various photo books & commissioned projects and had several exhibitions (single and group exhibitions).

Painterly Photography
Photography is not only her passion but evocation as well. Beside the figurative depiction of objects and the immediate snapshots of surroundings or landscapes shaped by light- and atmospheric conditions, photography for her means transforming objective reality into her imaginary dream world!
Her contemplation of nature and landscape is this of seeing living individuals, feeling their aura and essence, their basics. Light, weather & wind influence and affect her personal mood and the atmosphere of her surrounding, likewise in nature or city. Her images evolve from her mind before being transformed into photographs with the means of her camera. Intuitively her perception is inspired by the impressionistic and/or expressionistic painters and her artistic process can be considered as modern pictorialism. The selective use of intentional contingency during the composition of the view frame and the use of blurring are stylistic devices for interpreting her subjective perception artistically.
Beside rhythm and dynamics, light & shadows, motion & standstill she searches for the levels behind the seen reality and her personal interpretation. She fetches the unconscious feelings and moods and set them painterly in stage by the use of her camera tools or digital post processing.
It is up to her visitors to apply their personal viewpoints & dreams into her painterly photographs when looking at them.