was born in 1964 in The Netherlands, in a houseboat, next to a farm, located between lakes and meadows. His first passion was music, the latest photography and editing. In a way he is still composing. Soon after starting with photography in 2007 Lars’ images started to get noticed and gained in popularity over the years. Only four years later he was nominated as a top ten finalist in the 2010 Hasselblad Masters Award, one of the most prestigious awards in the world of photography. Now in 2016 he is an official Hasselblad Master in the category Landscape/Nature.

“My main goal is still where it once started with: To capture nature’s magical moments and show her beauty to as many people as possible.”

Walk with me.
First thing in the morning when the alarm goes off I look out of the window. How is the light. Is it any good? Is it foggy? Will there be sun rays? I often look at the windows of my car to see if there is any condensation on it and if the air is misty and moisture, but often I intuitively know I just HAVE to go. A bit hurried I step into my car or jump on my bike and hope the forest got some nice surprises for me.
I strap my camera bag on my shoulders. No tripod*, I don’t like it, it limits me. Fortunately they make excellent camera’s today, which can shoot at high ISO and still produce high quality images. (*Despite I still like to shoot without a tripod, it produces better images with a tripod of course and therefore less post processing is needed.)
Today it seems I am lucky. I can spot the first rays and they are nearly horizontal. Later on, the sun will get up higher in the sky and the air will start to warm up. Will the intensity of the rays increase or is the weather going to change and is it all over?
It will not be the first time that’s happened. Shall I wait here? Is this the perfect spot? I start to get a bit restless and I have to tell myself once again there is no such thing as a perfect spot and it’s all beyond my control. I feel at ease and start walking again with the knowledge that whatever comes will come.
It’s six o’clock in the morning. The scent of the forest. The freshness of a new beginning. My favorite part of the day, because the light is still soft and friendly and it’s all quiet given a bird or two. Serenity!
Beautiful trees and the variety of colors, singing birds, whispering leaves and rays of light making their way through the foliage. The smell of the forest gives me butterflies. I feel so relaxed and I become one with the surroundings. These are the moments where I realize I had to get up so early. I feel my footsteps and every step feels like nothing is needed anymore. Complete!
Suddenly I feel something dangling against my flanks and I see it’s my camera. Oh, …yes.