Rafael Araujo is an architect and illustrator born in Caracas, Venezuela in
1957. For over 40 years he has been drawing beautiful illustrations of
nature, entirely by hand. At an old drafting table he adeptly renders the
mathematical brilliance of nature with just a pencil, compass, ruler and a
protractor. He was fifteen when he first observed intelligent patterns in
the work of nature and learned about PHI, the Golden Ratio. This ratio
equals 1.618 and is found everywhere in the realm of nature. By applying the
Golden Ratio in his geometric formulas the secret of nature’s beautiful
designs unfolded before his eyes. In his illustrations he leaves the
construction lines intact to highlight this natural mathematical framework.
Rafael has been featured in CNN World, Wired Magazine, WWF, and exhibited at
Stanford University and many other prestigious galleries. With his work it
is his greatest hope to inspire a much needed love for our natural